New Beginning

Though this is my last blog post and assignment forever for my PR advisor and professor. Liz Kerns, it is not the end of my education or what she has the opportunity to teach.

Through these posts I got to see the world through the lenses of PR, myself, and my peers. It gave me great insight and made me realize that I should make this a regular part of my routine. Not only does it help improve my writing skills, it improves me professionally and personally.

I actually do pay attention to the news in general so this portion of the class was fun for me. It gave me the opportunity and challenge to form solid opinions of what news I received and decide what was true and what was biased. It also gave me the opportunity to share my opinions with those of my peers and help broaden my perspective. I always love a good debate so it was fun to go back and forth with my classmates and learn something new about a situation.

I have a love for PR and also for history which is why I love studying PR cases and loved following my favorite companies’ news stories.  I believe that history repeats itself so the more we study what works and what doesn’t for companies in general, the more we understand people and the direction we should take our own companies and campaigns.

As always, this isn’t goodbye at all. It’s the opportunity to go forward and experience more that the world has to offer with the friends and connections we have made along the way.


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