Great Breakups

We all have our favorite breakup story. You know, the one where your friend quits dating that guy that you all hate or that favorite TV show where your favorite character finally breaks up with “the other guy” and gets together with your other favorite character. What do these relationships have in common? The fact that one of the people in the relationship brings the other down and constantly belittles their potential.

Another breakup happened this week that’s almost as big as T-Swift and Harry’s breakup–Google and YouTube are over.

Google+ never caught on and YouTube commenters and users were required to have a Google+ account which led to major annoyances and problems throughout the YouTube kingdom. This is fantastic news for YouTube. YouTube is not struggle and will do completely fine being on its own and will now have the power to change their interface in any way they want without annoying big brother Google over their shoulder telling them what to do and how people should have to sign in.

Google has some great innovations and definitely has it’s place in the technological world, but not with YouTube. When you’re not with the right one, you know. And YouTube knows.

Now, I’m interested in seeing the future trend of who YouTube does team up with. Personally I think that Twitter or Facebook could sweep in and no one would be surprised. However, YouTube can definitely hold its own like the strong, independent social media site it is and may enjoy the single for awhile. We’ll just have to wait and find out.


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