#$15 Fortune or Fail?


In the world where people depend too much on the government to help them out in my opinion, many people who were pro raising the Seattle minimum wage to $15/hr are now regretting that and asking for less working hours. Why is this?

This is because now these employees are making too much to benefit from government subsidy programs and welfare. They want to make more, but not too much more. To me, this seems ridiculous. They are unhappy with getting their way and not getting their way and at the end of the day still blame the government. Now, several people want Washington state to change their subsidy program requirements to benefit them so they can still make more money and get more money from these programs.

How far is too far? I understand being in need and it’s great that we live in a country where if it is a dire situation, your children do not have to go hungry. However, like anything, people take advantage of the situation do not think through the pros and cons of deciding such things and working to make these big changes.

Now, Seattle has the highest minimum wage in the country which will continue to drive up prices around Seattle counties and make it a more expensive place to live. Salary-paid workers aren’t getting raises but have to pay more for the higher minimum wage. It seems like a vicious circus that no one benefits from in the long run.

This is all my opinion and certain facts many not have come to my attention yet to develop a more detailed opinion.


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