Worlds Unseen

It seems like every single week there is a tragic killing somewhere in our country and in the world. From tragedies and shootings all across our communities, I believe that people are asking the wrong questions and demanding change in the wrong way. See, our biggest problem doesn’t stem from just guns, it stems from the mental health state of people.

I’ve always thought it odd that we work so hard to stay health and fit by going to see a doctor every year, receiving health insurance, and making good choices about our physical health. Yet, so many do not understand the importance of mental health or acknowledge mental illness as an actual illness. If we see a physical doctor every year, why don’t we see a psychiatrist every year? Why don’t we make sure that we are mentally stable and get help for the problems we don’t even know we have?

We see the world through so many different perspectives. Sometimes our own worlds are the only ones we ever see, so how do we know if we are seeing things correctly when it’s all we know?

Everyone has someone they know who suffers from depression, mental anxiety, PTSD and other types of mental illness even if they don’t realize it. Making fun of someone who sees a therapist is not ok, making light of any type of mental illness is not ok. It is a real issue and the sooner we can raise mental health awareness and help for those who need it, the sooner we will be able to create a stronger community where we empower and help one another instead of shoot each other.


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