A lot of us in life share a similar dream: to get paid to travel and write and enjoy every view that life has to offer.

Well, some people in life miraculously get that dream. When I studied abroad I thought about how cool it would be to become a travel agent or researcher and get paid to check out the world’s coolest venues and report on them. I can scratch that dream off because this girl is doing enough of that.


Brooke Saward is an Australian-native who gets paid and endorsed from companies, resorts, resturants, hotels, any tourism-y you can think of from all around the world to write about them in her blog, post on Instagram, and update on Facebook with almost 1 million followers in her footsteps waiting for her next adventure.

Her blog received the title of, “Travel blog of the year,” and she was quickly sponsored to continue her journeys.

Some of my favorite posts she has written are: “Figuring out where to road trip in the USA”; The 20 Top Brunch Spots in London”; and “Los Angeles Like a Local.” These are some of my favorite places in the world and I love that she writes about them.

It really is inspiring to see someone live a life of travel and experiences and reminds me of my own goals in the PR world and in my own personal life. Check her out but be careful because her blog is extremely addicting. There’s information on there to keep you busy for months!


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