The Guiltiest Pleasure

We all have our guilty pleasures in life especially when it comes to TV. People like watching over dramatic and emotional shows to help them forget their own drama in life or they just have boring lives and want to live vicariously through reality TV ideals–whatever the reasons we all have them.

My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. When I was younger, I used to watch it and was heartbroken every time a couple didn’t work out…then I grew up and realized that none of it is real.

In the NY post article:,  Jaclyn Hendricks gives detail behind the not-so-spontaneous scenes throughout the entire season of any given bachelor or bachelorette. Viewers feel like they have a connection with their favorite couples, yet they do not realize that the fight scene between the guys on the Bachelorette was planned hours in advanced and orchestrated just correctly enough to make you think that it was all spontaneous.

I found this article very interesting as I’ve always wanted an idea as to how much of the show is made up and how much of it is actually real.

From a PR standpoint, the thing that made this season’s bachelorette interesting was the fact that viewers could follow along and read her blog. She wrote about her adventures and told stories that we didn’t see during the season which was fun to read. Whether it’s personal or owned by the broadcast company, I’ll leave that to your opinion.


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