How Well Do You Know Yourself?

If I was a random stranger (not myself) and I typed my name into Facebook, I would be associated with many different things.

I would be tied to Miss Washington, Central Washington University, #EndDomesticViolence, CWUPRSSA, Federal Way Track club, this blog and so many other things. We all know how important personal branding is but do our social media sites accurately depict who we are in person and what we want to do with our lives?

No longer is it just us in the world nor do we even get the chance at first impressions. Our social media site forever is bonded in relationship to us and our Facebook pages are usually where people “see” us first; whether it is a potential employer or a mutual friend through whom we someday meet.

We can’t control everything our peers and friends post about us or tag us in but we can get to know ourselves well enough to have a positive response and quick statement towards any feedback we get on social media. We can know ourselves well enough to know how to frame our pictures, posts and retweets in a way that really does represent who we are as people and professionals and what kind of legacy we plan on leaving behind.

It’s really surprising how many people do not actually understand themselves or realize how they are perceived in person or on social media. It seems silly but really, get to know yourself and what you stand for. We are always changing and evolving but we can get to know our core selves.


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