Hall of Shame or Fame?

I wrote this in response to Kramer Cirineo’s Hall of Shame of Fame?


I agree with Kramer’s stance on “the customer is always right” on most levels. However, I love a good debate and want to raise the question as to whether a company really should bend backwards for it’s customers or is there a line to which the employees stand up for themselves and the company backs them up?

I am all for good customer service. Working as a bartender and server in the hospitality business for 3 years gave me a really good experience on what is good customer service and what is not having a backbone as a company. How far should a customer be able to go before an employee stands up for the mission of the company and the rules that the company has set in place?

Whether it’s not allowing a certain discount because it’s expired or not allowing a customer to dine at a restaurant that’s been closed for an hour, sometimes the business is actually right and has rules put in place for a reason. If an employee gets in trouble because they have not been kind and quick to serve a customer, that’s absolutely warranted. However, if an employee has to ask a customer to turn down a loud ipod because it’s disrupting the environment the company has set, the employee should not be reprimanded (depending on the way they handle the situation of course).

All-in-all the hall of shame or fame is about common courtesy and kindness towards one another.

Someday it will be cool if someone came up with an app that rated customers.


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