Most social media users are on SnapChat which is one of the largest social media applications. However, in the past year we have seen a trend of companies starting to use SnapChat to improve brand awareness and get people psyched up for their new products and releases.

My peer, Kendyl Hardy, recently wrote a paper on SnapChat. This was my response and summarization analogy of how businesses can also utilize SnapChat.

To begin with, I am a huge SnapChat fan. It allows me to be able to quickly communicate with friends and follow them without having to take a lot of time to read through posts or filter through my Instagram feed. You answered every question and actually gave me a better idea of how to use SnapChat without sending pointless selfies. It’s cool because over the past year I’ve noticed companies friending me and sending me quick and informational snaps about their products and companies.

They actually do not even annoy me because they are so quick and they are actually interesting, a lot like vines. The coolest take away I got from your paper is the fact that SnapChat makes most of their money from snaps that only last 24 hours. What a cool way to get creative. I think that Snapchat allows itself to be almost a sneak-peek social media platform to get followers excited! What better way to get followers excited or informed on an event then a fun snapshot of the event which makes them want more?

All-in-all, SnapChat is not seen as a major tool in the world of PR and Advertising but as we evolve technologically, I feel that more and more companies will see SnapChat as a great asset.


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