Overview of Periscope App

For my Social Media Strategies class, I had to review and summarize several of my peer’s papers on a social media platform of their choice. I wanted to share my review with you here because so few people know of this great app that can be highly useful for public relations and advertising.

My peer, Stefanie Frunz, wrote her entire paper on Periscope. I summarized, reflected and wrote my own informative analysis from it.

One of the reasons I chose to read her paper was because I have never heard of Periscope. What I found out was that more people really should know what this application is because it is so different from many other social media platforms. Advances in mobile technology have given us the opportunity to personalize our connection of businesses and brands. It has been proven that companies do better when they connect with their target audiences on a personal level.

This application offers the personal level capability to see what makes a company run and the passion behind a company’s mission. The biggest take a way with this is learning how to connect with your audiences and brands on a whole different level in a unique way. I actually downloaded this app on my phone and checked out some of my favorite brands like Under Armor and Sephora to see the behind-the-scenes life and see office tours and really visualize what makes the company become what the general public sees.

Twitter and Periscope will have a great partnership under Twitter. Both companies will reap benefits as Twitter can offer their celebrity follows the use of this great app and Periscope can raise their brand image. Great job on this one, I look forward to seeing where Twitter and Periscope evolve.


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