Favorite Craft Brewry Analysis

I have a love for local businesses and craft beer. Iron Horse Brewery decided to mix these two together in 2007 and have been growing ever since. I wanted to figure out why they are so successful besides strategically setting themselves up in a college town only an hour and a half away from Seattle.

Iron Horse Brewery has become a well-known commodity in the Kittitas Valley. As a busy craft brewery in Eastern Washington, its approach to business and marketing is unconventional and has reaped positive results from both Ellensburg locals and college students.

The code of ethics for the brewery consists of a few key things: innovation, breaking the rules and remaining unconventional all bound together with sarcasm. This is consistent on all social media platforms, brochures and Iron Horse memorabilia.

They are known for throwing parties in their micro-pub and tasting room along Main Street, Ellensburg, Washington. Their parties are often randomly themed with a charity or fundraiser tied with it. Last year they hosted a holiday cozy sweater party, Farmlandia beer launch party, a party fundraising for the Ellensburg humane society, the half k run and the Eastern Washington Beer festival.

Their events gain attraction in a few unique ways. They post and print brochures that present their events sarcastically and biasedly, they have random contests at each event for entertainment and they present their products as being by the people and for the people. This means that the general public feels connected with this business and a part of something bigger.



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