Illinois and North Carolina…The Top Tourist Destinations of America

…said only the people who live there.

Just kidding, here’s why.

When I asked 10 other people of what they thought of when they thought of these two states the top comments were:

Illinois–Corn, Midwest, humid, Chicago and  flat

North Carolina–Nicolas Sparks, beach, tobacco, mountains, east coasters

These were very similar to what I think of when I think of these two states.

When I researched these two states and their tourism bureaus, Illinois promoted a lot of outdoor activities like off-road Illinois and Route 66 along with wine and food. North Carolina promoted their historic sties, outdoor activities and food. What’s interesting is both of these states had similar website designs and layouts.

I did some more research on the tourism sites and found a lot of places I would like to visit in each state. I’m a very outdoors-y person so I like finding cool places to hike and venture off to. Both of these states have beauty to them that is different from anything we have here in the PNW.

It is interesting to me, how we can create a whole perception in our heads of what certain states are like based off the media, books, movies and heresay. These perceptions make it hard for these state tourism bureaus to re-create in our minds an opinion of their states and help us believe that they are a great place to live or vacation. I personally, am interested in visiting all 50 states in my lifetime. Each state has it’s own treasure cove of history and unique attributes that help make America one of the greatest places to live.

If this blog post didn’t change any of your opinions about these states, check out their state tourism bureau websites.


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