Summer Resolutions

In continuing to grow my blog each week, I want to keep track of my summer bucket list and give you something to follow throughout the summer.

I always laugh because so many people get worked up about New Year’s Resolutions and things they want to accomplish during the year whereas I, however, get really into creating and completing a summer resolution (or bucket list) which is as followed:

1) Hike and camp throughout the Olympic Peninsula

2) Plan my veteran’s benefit concert for November

3) Workout and do something active every day

4) Go on a spontaneous road trip ending ?

5) Start the interview/broadcast section of my blog

6) Become more fluent in a second language (Spanish, Italian or Czech)

7) Get involved with a local youth running group and help coach

8) Fly somewhere new

9) Try a different kind of food each week

10) Read the top 10 books on the New York Times best-seller list

Some may argue that these are mundane, boring and #basic but I know that with each of these will come a set of adventures worth going through for myself. When I think of someday looking back and seeing what I did through these summer resolutions and throughout the years in general, I want to be able to see that through it all I always learned something new, helped other people, worked hard for where I want to be and enjoyed life’s adventures.


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