SeaWorld–A safe haven or endangering imprisonment?

Recently, I watched CNN’s documentary, Black Fish, and it changed my whole perception about SeaWorld.

I visited SeaWorld when I was 13 years old with the rest of my family. I’m never big on aquariums or zoos but I thought what they did with the animals was super informative and fun. I always have wondered if it’s humane to really keep any animals contained and out of their natural habitats, but I assumed with SeaWorld they would absolutely be taking the right measures to take care of their animals.

After watching this documentary I realized I was wrong. Not only did SeaWorld lie to the general public with help from their PR team, they lied to their employees about what they were doing as well.

The public was outraged when this documentary came out and SeaWorld came back and said that it was only one point of view and they didn’t get the whole story. I can see some merit to that as to any story there are two sides, however, lying about anything is never ok.

Their false information was the part I struggled with. As PR consultants and professionals, we want to work for a company that we support and that has high standards of work and values. Since they weren’t being truthful with their facts, there was little their PR department could do in order to gain respect back from the public.

I did like how in their new advertisement, they are trying to be transparent and open. However, when a company loses it’s credibility, it takes a lot more to gain popularity and trust back than a good PR campaign.

Now, SeaWorld will have to speak with their actions instead of their words and do some serious revamping throughout the company and the park.


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