Growing up, I’ll admit we ate our fair share of McDonald’s. This was usually because we had little time between school and sports practices and games so we ate whatever was quick and easy, not necessarily healthy. This habit quickly changed with our healthier lifestyles but we are hearing about McDonald’s all over again.

My family wasn’t the only ones tired of hearing McDonald’s, I feel that the general public and their PR firm is tired of hearing their name all the time as well, because McDonald’s recently gained attention for their brand image…again.

According to Linda Stein’s article in PR week (, customers want McDonald’s to be more transparent.

Brand consultant Fred Haberman says, “If the brand really wants to revamp its image and is sincere about providing food that’s good for you, McDonald’s needs to have a more unified marketing strategy that shows commitment.” (Stein PR Week).

This is a great opportunity for McDonald’s to gain good publicity since it is getting so much for free. They can use this opportunity to turn the brand name around and improve brand image by utilizing the “Go Green” and organic, local food movements.

It is difficult for any PR at fast food chains because more people are starting to see the negative effects of eating at these restaurants through obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. What fast food chains should be focusing on right now is promoting local and fresh ingredients in a convenient style.


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