“There she is…Miss America!”

This Miss America Organization has had it’s fair share of criticism yet what is it about this organization that keeps me going back?

Let’s get one thing straight. The Miss America Organization is not a beauty pageant. It is a scholarship organization that strengthens and empowers women all across the United States.

Many people view Miss America contestants as uneducated and unaware of current events, yet, the contestants who run for Miss America have some of the highest GPAs in the country.

Many people think all Miss America contestants do is wave in parades yet most of the time I, along with my #sistersofthesash are fundraising or physically serving and mentoring the people of our communities.

I have learned many things by being involved in this organization. I have developed professionally and learned how important community service really is. This has lead to professional job interviews and being able to help many people throughout my community because I believe it is important to help the people around you.

This past weekend I competed at the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization. Along with getting a private tour of Boeing and visiting Children’s Hospital, we got to know each other and learn what really makes a title holder in this organization great.

Every contestant in the organization has a platform. These platforms range from the Wounded Warrior Project to Environmental Sustainability. The contestant usually has a personal connection to the platforms of her choice and throughout the year as a local title holder, she works continuously to strengthen and help with her platform and the people whom it affects.

It all comes down to the heart the woman has. If her heart is in the right place and she uses her crown for good reasons, she has the power to make a difference whether she is crowned Miss Washington, Miss America or Miss {local title}. She has the capability to affect the lives of the people around her with the great responsibility that comes with being a title holder in the Miss America Organization.


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