PRSA Code of Ethics

I recently was instructed to read the PRSA Code of Ethics which you can find here:

In thinking about today’s codes of ethics in general and what people believe to be ethical and non, I feel that codes of ethics will never be outdated. It will always be important to maintain a high code of ethics when dealing with anyone or any situation, especially as a PR and journalism professional.

If we didn’t hold to high ethics as a PR professional, many people could be hurt and negatively effected due to a lack of integrity and respect.

My perception to this is that many companies do hold to these PRSA Codes of Ethics. It is rare that I come across a PR campaign or company mission statement that I find offensive or feel that they are representing their products and brand in a bad light.

Sometimes codes of ethics do need to be taught. By nature, we are self-centered so we do not always think about others and how the representation of ourselves reflects other people. We need to be reminded sometimes that these ethics are important and sometimes it’s worth not promoting a story or product that actually hurts people.

The six parts of the codes of ethics are: advocacy, honesty, fairness, expertise, loyalty and independence. I think these are great parts of the codes of ethics and I appreciate that PRSA hit every area and left none of these out.

I feel that I already follow these codes of ethics as a person in general and that it will automatically be carried into my work as a PR professional.


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