In Response to: The Seflie Stick Awesome or Awful?

Response to Megan Schmitt’s:

In this blog post, Schmitt asked a good question: Are selfie sticks a great modern use of technology or a disgrace to our culture?

I feel that that selfie sticks are a great modern use of technology. Technology keeps moving and the seflie sticks are a product of the selfie age. Since selfies are one of the biggest social media tools and trends, it seems proper that a device was formed to make using that trend easier. Also, if you’re trying to get a lot of people in one picture, seflie sticks are a resourceful way to do it!

I do agree with Disneyland’s rules on not using selfie sticks on rides because they could be harmful to the people around them and themselves. It’s important to know when and where it is acceptable to use them. Plus, another thing to think about is, Disneyland is very expensive. Why waste time you could be enjoying the ride and taking it all in in its entirety to focus on taking a picture? They have cameras for that on most of the rides at Disneyland.

I really wonder what the next technological device will be, it seems that we have covered all of our technological and smartphone needs!


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