Defining Corporate Social Responsibiliy

According to “Cases in Public Relations Management: The Rise of Social Media and Activism” by Patricia Swain, Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept where companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations which affects their interaction with stakeholders on a voluntary basis as they are increasingly aware that responsible behavior leads to sustainable business practices (Location 993 Kindle).

CSR is very important because it allows companies to create a brand image that connects with relevant events and organizations which increases brand awareness and revenue.

Recently, Donald Trump got “fired” from NBC which is choosing not to air The Apprentice or the Miss USA competition.

I felt bad for the women who are competing in the MIss USA competition who had worked so hard to get to the national level and be on NBC but I think it says a lot that the company decided to cut ties with Trump and stand up for a social issue that they found important.

They cut all ties with Trump because of his racist comments regarding illegal immigrants from Mexico. NBC showed their disapproval of racist comments by deciding not to identify with Trump. The NBC corporation took social responsibility in regards to current events and whom they had affiliated with their brand and network.

This action satisfied several viewers and according to Yahoo News, the petition to cut Trump for NBC easily gained 200,000 signatures. According to NBC’s statement about cutting ties with Trump on, they say “respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.”

In my opinion, NBC made a great stand in supporting this social issue of respect and dignity for everyone no matter the race or citizen status.


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