A Day in the Life of a Communications Director

I have had the great opportunity to work with Jennifer Bushong, Director of Communications at the Toyota Town Center in Wenatchee, Washington. I wanted to share the interview I did with her a few months ago.

Meet Jennifer Bushong: Full-time mother, Town Toyota Center Communications Director, and President of the Miss East Cascades Scholarship Organization board.

Bushong got her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington where she studied Communications. From the University of Washington, she moved with her husband to Wenatchee, Washington and worked as a coordinator for the Wenatchee Wild arena.

We talked about several upcoming trends in the field which include more self-sufficient budgets and sponsorships. For event funding, we will not rely so much on government aid or having to use our company’s budget because we will be connected with other businesses who will want to help fund certain events. This is because the more we are connected with different technologies, the more we will be connected with other people and businesses. This makes it efficient and creates a great bi-partisan relationship for companies to work together to fund and sponsor events.

For example, without Apple, Microsoft would have a much harder time growing. If Apple were to plan a state-wide event, Microsoft software will probably be used and licensed to Apple for certain software necessities.

One piece of advice Bushong gives young professionals is to commit and deliver. When you are given a job, commit to it and strongly present it. This goes hand in hand with her advice to meet all deadlines and work to exceed expectations. Bushong gives professional presentation advice such as no Facebooking at work, dress for the job, and conduct yourself professionally at all times which means no gossiping or personal calls at work.

Bushong talked about her job as an event planner and marketing director, however, she also talked about her job as a mom. As much as there should be a break between your personal and professional life, both her family and her job rely on one another. She relies on her family for support and states that it is important to set a finite amount of time for her children, family, and friends and put just as much energy into them as she does for her job. Without her familial support system, she wouldn’t be the professional she is today.


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