Miranda Farlow: Taylor Swift Has More Power Than You Think

In response to: https://themirandalife.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/taylor-swift-has-more-power-than-you-think/

My schoolmate Miranda Farlow recently wrote an article about how a single Tweet affected how Apple is paying their artists.

Taylor Swift was upset with how Apple doesn’t pay artists as much as they deserve for their music, so she took to Twitter.

I agree with Farlow saying that Taylor Swift holds a lot of influence. In my opinion, her influence covers more than just the fields of music. She is an influential role model to a lot of people who look up to her for style, a dating example, and as a modern-day woman. She was even listed in Forbe’s Top 100 most influential women.

A lot of this has to do with her country-to-pop crossover. She was able to create a PR campaign designated towards being yourself and appealed to fans of all genres of music. She also gets respected for writing most of her own music and producing her own albums.

Taylor Swift has grown to be a house-hold name. People of my generation see her songs as classics that will remain top favorites throughout all of history. This is why, as an influential celebrity, she was able to use social media to influence the way Apple works with fellow musicians.


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