Is BlackBerry coming back to life?

I remember when BlackBerrys were the coolest phones. They came out before smart phones and about the same time as Razors and all of my friends in jr. high school had one or the other. I of course, had neither.

I was always so envious of my friends who had BlackBerrys because I thought they could do everything. Then out of nowhere, they disappeared. After 2009, they disappeared and were replaced with the iPhone and Galaxy.

Just when we were about to think they have become completely obsolete, stocks have surged the past few weeks according to CNN. This is because John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, is transitioning the company into more of a software database company. This is after months of rumors consisting of the idea that Apple would buy out BlackBerry.

Is this what companies are resorting to in the 21st Century? With a strong PR and Marketing strategy, it seems like companies can jump into a new field and be relatively successful. For example, Microsoft wanted to compete against Apple with the Zune (I definitely had one as a kid for about a month) but when they failed that they turned to developing surfaces and improving their hardware services. It turns out, by re-focusing in a different direction, they were able to be successful. On, the Microsoft Surface was ranked one of the best tablets of 2014.

It will be interesting to see what kind of PR campaign BlackBerry decides to take as they rebrand and refocus their energy.


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