Introduction and the Future of PR


My name is Christa Weddle and I’m currently finishing my final quarter to obtain my Music and Public Relations degrees from Central Washington University.

In college, I learned a lot about myself and what I like to do. I studied abroad and gained a travel bug that will always remain a part of me. Along with the travel bug came many new dreams I envision for myself and my life. I love studying cultures and learning/trying new things. For me, life is about experiences. The more we experience, the more we learn and can apply to our every day lives. I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and meeting new people because we can learn something (good or bad) from everyone we encounter.

Originally just a music major, I realized half-way through college that I love everything about the fields of communications and public relations. These fields offer everything I love: engaging people, branding, travelling, and puzzle-solving. I love that PR challenges me to find new and innovative ways to engage with the public and pushes me to go above and beyond my preconceived capabilities.

PR is already a world that is molding together with marketing and journalism and is a skill that everyone has to know how to do on a certain level. Basic branding covers who we are as individuals and how we want, or don’t want, the world to see us. Everyone needs to know how to present themselves.

In a few years, I feel that PR will be utilized by everyone and there will be mandatory school courses on social media usage and branding 101 classes that everyone should take which will also cover their online presence.

With PR, since it deals with the public, it changes with the public. The future of PR depends on how our culture evolves with social media, politics, economics and luxury. It’s a field full of adventures and changes and I’m excited to be on the forefront of what’s next.


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